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Welcome to Chinese American Heroes (CAH). Since this is your first visit, (if you are visiting again, click on “Latest” to see our newest bios and reports) here is some information that you may find useful.

First, the music on this website, America the Beautiful, is played by a young cello prodigy named Nathan Chan. Nathan is not exactly unknown as he has been featured on HBO, television, and also in many YouTube videos. He stood in for Yo-Yo Ma, a very famous Chinese American musician who had to cancel out for a performance with Roberta Flack, when he was only 11 years old. Nathan is now a lad at 19, and is attending the Julliard School of Music in New York City, and is doing quite well. Google “” and you can learn more about Nathan at his website. He has a number of performances on You Tube. We think that you will enjoy his sensitive and moving rendition of the The Swan at:

Our Heroes Gallery on our home page only includes a small number of our heroes. We recommend that you click on “CAH Profiles” on top of this page, and check out our current listing of over 170 biographies on our website. How many of these heroes do you know? Here are a few very special heroes, you’ve likely never heard of, but their contributions make all of us proud.

Zack Zeng, Carol Lam, Moon Chin, Evelyn Lee, Kurt Lee, Anna May Wong, Leroy Chiao, Margaret Chin, Betty Sung, Roland Lowe, Frank Fong, Wen Tsing Chow, Arthur Chin, Pauline Alker, Amy Chow, Heidi Shyu . . .

Some of our reports are more than one page, so be sure to click on the -> keys at the top of the page to advance to subsequent pages.

There are roughly 4.5 million Chinese Americans in the United States. With a growing number of heroes on this website, we know that there are many Americans of Chinese descent who have made significant contributions to our Country. Please help us identify and honor these contributors by sending us their name and additional relevant information such as work, profession, or achievement, so that we can locate the correct person and gather all relevant facts to share with you and other visitors.

We will send you $25.00 – if your nomination is the first one for that person, and we publish the biography. We will advise you in writing once we receive your nomination so that you will know if your nomination is being processed. Be sure you provide your address once we contact you, so that we can send you the $$.

Volunteers are also needed to help us achieve our mission to provide role models for our youth and to educate all interested parties. We pay our volunteers who can write biographies or special reports that meet our writing criteria.

Our history files are growing, and we hope that you will learn the missing information that was not part of your education. One very interesting story is about Robert Ken Woo, Jr, who was our 200-millionth American citizen. Go to our Profiles tab and click on his name. The Woo family is extraordinary, and you may find the story of Bobby Woo and his parents and siblings most interesting.

We are in the process of creating a “Young Achievers” tab. This section will be devoted to developing topics and reports that spotlight our next generation of young people who are doing extraordinary things.  CAH is encouraging our Young Achievers to continue their marvelous endeavors as we follow you through your studies, achievements, and careers.  There is no age constraint to be a Hero, and we expect that some of our young achievers could be Heroes in short order. We are seeking out exceptional young adults who have also performed significant community service.  Like our big heroes, philanthropy is an important aspect that we always seek in individuals we want to recognize.


Chinese American Heroes is a 501(c)3 non-profit, educational organization. Your donations are very much appreciated, and will help us to continue our website development and add more inspiring stories. A big THANKS to you in advance if you choose to provide financial support.

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