Chinese American Heroes


In this section, Chinese American Heroes presents stories from a range of perspectives
from across the world that may affect relations between the United States and
China. It is up to the reader to come to their own determination as to the value
of these stories using their own knowledge and perspective about the issues

CAH takes no policy position except to hope that understanding and peace prevails
between both countries, no matter what difficulties and disagreements arise,
as they do in the normal course of relations between all nations.




1. ‘Give them a bloody nose’: Xi pressed for stronger South China Sea response

2. Russia’s Acres, if Not Its Locals, Beckon Chinese Farmers

3. FBI employee pleads guilty to acting as agent of China

4. Forget the squalling baby; Trump’s comments about China on Tuesday were the worse tantrum

5. China thinks big, while Australia waits for luck to strike

6. Chinese Online Videos: The U.S. Wants to Start a Color Revolution Here

7. For Hong Kong ethnic Chinese, foreign passports offer no protection in China

8.  Seoul’s tilt towards Tokyo could lead to worst-case scenario for Beijing

9.  China’s crackdown raises familiar specter of foreign forces

10. Chinese watch US presidential race with curiosity

11.  China the regional bully punishes defiance in Asia-Pacific

12.  China’s Longer Term Strategy: Cooperation, Competition and Avoiding Conflict

13.  South Korea and China trade barbs over US missile-defense system

14.  Decoding China-U.S. Relations

15.  China’s growing assertiveness led Australia to block grid sale -source

16.  Modi Sends Warning Shot to China, Pakistan on Territory Spat

17.  The Philippines’ Misguided Plan to Stop South China Sea Tensions

18.  Bracing for a Long Road in the South China Sea Dispute

19.  Good fences or good neighbours in the South China Sea

20.  India’s Modi Is Playing the Wrong Game against China and Pakistan

21.  California Woman Sentenced to 50 Months in Prison for Conspiring to Illegally Export Fighter Jet Engines and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to China

22.  North Korea playing ‘clever game’ to ramp up China-US tensions

23.  Controversial Chairman Mao tribute concerts sharpen Chinese community divide

24.  Can America Share Its Superpower Status?

25.  Japan, China, S. Korea unite in condemning N. Korea missile

26.  It’s Time for China Analysts to Stop Talking Past One Another

27.  U.S. policy on North Korea relies on China — and provokes it at the same time

28.  China’s rise presents a dilemma for Australia

29.  Why China Fears a ‘Color Revolution’ Incited by the West

30.  Law of the Sea Ruling Reveals Dangerous Chinese Nationalism

31.  China Ups Pressure on South Korea Over Missile Plan

32.  A Chinese dynasty with a 21st-century outlook

33.  As Obama heads to Laos, signs of a tilt away from China

34.  Chinese-Canadians Fear China’s Rising Clout Is Muzzling Them

35.  US think tanks must help promote better China-US relations

36.  Chinese commenters air North Korea frustrations, call Kim ‘fat’

37.  China charges American with espionage ahead of Obama’s Asia trip

38.  Pacific grim: Australia torn between US and China

39.  China has all but ended the charade of a peaceful rise



2.  China, Not Silicon Valley, Is Cutting Edge in Mobile Tech

3.  Meet the China ‘whisperers’ who get the big deals done in Silicon Valley

4.  New wave of Chinese start-up investments comes with complications

5.  Confucius Has Some Advice for Trading With China

6. China seeks to smooth trade ties with United States after Donald Trump’s threat to restrict imports

7.  China to Assess Using Trade to Hurt South Korea Over Thaad

8.  U.S. Solar Industry Has a Problem, And It’s Not Tax Credits: It’s China

9.  China’s tech trailblazers

10.  With two kung fu films, HBO cautiously tests the waters in China

11.  Chinese Takeovers Trigger Global Backlash Ahead of G-20 Summit

12.  They built towering new cities in China. Now they’re trying it in downtown L.A.

13.  Chinese Goods Everywhere, But Brands Underperform

14.  The Terrible Amusement Park That Explains Chongqing’s Economic Miracle

15.  Why China won’t own next-generation manufacturing





1. New Photos Cast Doubt on China’s Vow Not to Militarize Disputed Islands

2.  South Korea eyes nuclear weapons over North Korea bomb fears

3. Vietnam moves rocket launchers capable of striking Chinese installations in disputed waters




1.  Study Finds Chinese Students Excel in Critical Thinking. Until College.

2.  Scientists Confirm China’s Legendary Ancient Flood Was Real



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