Chinese American Heroes


Mission of Chinese American Heroes

It is indisputable that Chinese Americans have made significant contributions to America and the world at large. However, their contributions, and especially the persons making these contributions, are not well known, often not even to Chinese Americans. From the building of the Transamerica Railroad to major research and development in all areas of science and technology to the arts and music, Chinese Americans are either unknown, ignored, or forgotten.

Chinese American Heroes’ mission has evolved since its inception. Initially, the mission was education and motivation. Positive and constructive role models are needed for Chinese American youth and for many professionals. It became very apparent in our efforts that both Chinese Americans and the general American public have very little knowledge of the variety and depth of the contributions of the 1% of the American populace who are Chinese Americans. Our mission is also to counter and dispel the negative stereotypes that abound about Chinese Americans and to all Asian Americans in general. In documenting the many contributions of Chinese Americans in many professions including the military, academia, the sciences & technologies, the arts, medicine and medical research, and especially philanthropy, we present a very different portrait of the Chinese American than the one Hollywood and the American media generally presents of us. It is a positive portrait few Americans have experienced, including many Chinese Americans themselves.

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