Chinese American Heroes



You are welcome to bring up any Chinese American for nomination to the editor. Please provide enough information to properly identify them (which Mary Lee are you talking about?) and evidence to support that nomination. Just a few sentences in support of that nomination not an entire completed biography.

There are few hard and fast rules by which we select “Chinese Americans Heroes.” Among the rules that we have are:

1. They must have contributed significantly to the greater good of their local community, the United States, and/or the world.

Exceptions: Some Chinese Americans have achieved great things in Asia but have had zero impact within the United States. We have decided that our primary focus should be those that have significantly impacted the United States either nationally or through their global impact. At some point we may have the time and leisure to write about the ones in Asia but that will be for a later discussion.

2. Must have been honored and recognized by their peers or by the world for their accomplishments as shown through awards and other such recognition.

a) Examples could include the Academy Award or Pulitzer Prize, awards voted upon by peers in the industry.

b) Exceptions: Pioneer Chinese Americans, those of the 19th and early 20th Centuries, were excluded from or their accomplishments overlooked by professional organizations such as the American Bar Association or the American Medical Association because of racial prejudice. These heroes will oftentimes not have any awards attached to their names but should still be recognized by CAH when they are found.

3. If possible, some quantifiable amount of charitable giving should be documented.

a) Example: Gave $20,000 to cancer charity as evidenced by the popular media or a foundation newsletter.

b) Volunteer time counts but is discounted because the documentation isn’t often quantified. Articles that you must cite as evidence for philanthropy by your bio subject will often mention a dollar amount but will never say just how many hours or effort that person put into their volunteering. People reading the bio should know that the subject really went out of their way to give to charity in some way.

4. Who is a Chinese American for our purposes?

a) Must be a United States citizen

b) Must have some documented Chinese ancestry


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